Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Mummy in waiting!

Stripes is due in the next week or so , this morning she joined me in bed for a little relaxed belly rub before I got up to face the rabble down stairs. 
The babies down stairs are so cute, but they can make a lot of mess whilst playing over night! But when they are so adorable they can get away with things!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

We are such cuties!

Not much to say that the photos don't tell you. They are all gorgeous, active abc growing fast!
Lola's are now coming up to 3 weeks.
Grandma , Tinkz, seal bi-colour (sitting at back of the box) like to check into the box to see how mum and the kittens are doing!

Booboo's are coming up to 7 weeks are rushing around the kitchen playing and being little rascals!

Angel's little dumping in now 5 weeks is keeping up with his older half siblings who is also uncle to? His mother is Booboo's mum and both litters gave the same dad !  

Two years on!

I had an email this morning from Christine to remind me it is Poppy's second birthday today! The litter of kittens that Angel had the first night I slept in my new little house! So I thought you would like a now and then photo.
We had the little addition to the family if you can remember that far back! An abandoned kitten who had been found on the street at hours old and taken to my vets and ended up being raised by Angel as her own.

Monday, 1 May 2017

We've lots to learn at 4 weeks old!

Litter training! We'll sort of! It is actually the game of see how much litter you can dig out of the tray.
We are also starting to play with our new toys! See how brave and strong we are! We can carry pom-poms and catch a mouse or fish!

BooBoo's little girl is growing up fast

Had a visit from Mike and his gorgeous family yesterday. They managed to capture these beautiful photos of one of BooBoo's kittens. They are on the move so tend just to be blurs now! Lol
Think may she was posing for them! Lol I think she may have choosen them!

Little update.

He is such a mummy's boy! A real fatty boom boom! Not surprising as he feeds constantly!
He is a bit camera shy! So not fab photos! Sorry! However I Thought  I would share our Saturday morning cuddles in my bed!

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Pleased to announce the birth of our first kittens for 2017!

Booboo is pleased to introduce you to her three kittens, who were born on the 30 th of March, JD's first babies all beautiful and growing fast! Think she is feeding them rock fuel instead of milk! Lol

Angel has produced a single surprise kitten last Tuesday! Also JD's . Having been told that she had re-absorbed her kittens I was shocked to return home to find her and her little poppet waiting for me! After a visit to the vets to check there were no more, which there weren't. Mum and baby are doing well.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Introducing my handsome stud boys!

JD was not impressed at being photographed! But he is growing up to be such a handsome boy! He's got two sets of kittens due in April! He is a cream tabby bicolour from Denise at esined, Wow ! I can't wait to see them! 
 On the other hand Harrison , a beautiful seal Mitted from Louise at happytyme is a poser! He had fabulous kittens in his first year as a stud last year so I am sure this years will be gorgeous too.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Aslan happy in his new home with Margaret

Had a message from margaret last week which went "Thought you might like to know that Aslan settled straight away. He is a very affectionate little fellow and loves to curl up beside me when I am sitting on the settee.He pushes his head into my hand for me to rub his face,purring away .He enjoyed watching Winter Watch,particularly the foxes !!!and of course enjoys looking out of the French doors at the squirrels and birds. It is great to have something to come home to that greets you as if he is pleased to see you." I am so pleased you told me about him. So pleased that margaret who rehomed my neutered stud cat has kept in touch with how things are going with them.

Friday, 10 February 2017


What an amazing week! I was contacted by a couple who now have one of my rehomed girls! The darling Peace! I was so sad to have to rehome here several years ago after she had a very unfortunate incident during her first pregnancy which ended up with her being neutered. She never got along with Precious and the other indoor cats so my only option for her happiness was to find her what I thought was going to be her forever home , sadly that didn't work however her tale has a very happy ending.
She is very much adored in her now forever home with Claire and Ben.
She celebrated her 10 th birthday on the 4 th of February .

Monday, 14 November 2016

Our little visitor

Had a visit today from my dear friend and her granddaughter who help with the kitten socialisation!