Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Kittens Galore!

A little update on Candy and Stripes kittens they are now all down in the kitchen playing together , so careful treading is essential at present! Eating me out of house and home as  they should as they are growing fast
Some have parents but there are still a few looking for forever homes.

Ian with his little darlings
others in the Gang
Angel with a dirty face! Breakfast still all over it! Still even with  bed head hair as well , he's a darling!

Just saying Hello to the fish honest!

Friday, 21 July 2017

Lola's little Darlings visit the vet.

Well Lola's kittens all went for their final check and vaccinations last night! They were all their usual charming selves wowing everybody and having cuddles with the nursing and reception staff! Mr Joly was very please with them all Paris and Ziggy had put on nearly half a kilo in the 3 weeks since their last shoots! Amazingly Sirius had doubled in weight in that time going from the smallest to the heaviest! They passed health checks with flying colours and didn't even squeak when the vet put in that big needle for their micro chips.
They came home to roast chicken and are all excited about going to their new homes next weekend 
Possibly why Sirius has gained so much he likes to pinch his sister's chicken when he has finished his!

Monday, 10 July 2017

Sunday afternoon fun in the garden

Nothing better to do on a sunny Sunday afternoon than sit in the garden with prospective owners and watch the Ragdoll cats and kittens enjoy themselves. We had several visitors to Tzkatz either visiting or in Teddy Dumpling and Tabithas case collect to go home. So here are a few photos from the day
Tabithas using up energy with Ollie before the long journey to their new home.

Aunty Tilda decided they needed a good clean up!

Grandma Tinkz with daughter Lola and her babies enjoying cuddle time

Then TIlda and TeddyDumpling had their new home comming.
Very exhausting at 13 weeks old. So a nap is in order.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

We have arrived safe and sound!

Stripes delivered her kitten on Sunday two weeks ago all 5 are growing well getting chubby little fluff balls and have opened their eye.
This Sunday Candy finally delivered her kittens , she was so enormous prior to the birth I thought I must have got the dates wrong! However , I was still amazed and delighted when she delivered 7 kittens! ( only ever had that number of kittens in a litter twice before in over 12 years of breeding Ragdolls) so far they are all doing well.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Mummy in waiting!

Stripes is due in the next week or so , this morning she joined me in bed for a little relaxed belly rub before I got up to face the rabble down stairs. 
The babies down stairs are so cute, but they can make a lot of mess whilst playing over night! But when they are so adorable they can get away with things!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

We are such cuties!

Not much to say that the photos don't tell you. They are all gorgeous, active abc growing fast!
Lola's are now coming up to 3 weeks.
Grandma , Tinkz, seal bi-colour (sitting at back of the box) like to check into the box to see how mum and the kittens are doing!

Booboo's are coming up to 7 weeks are rushing around the kitchen playing and being little rascals!

Angel's little dumping in now 5 weeks is keeping up with his older half siblings who is also uncle to? His mother is Booboo's mum and both litters gave the same dad !