Monday, 1 May 2017

We've lots to learn at 4 weeks old!

Litter training! We'll sort of! It is actually the game of see how much litter you can dig out of the tray.
We are also starting to play with our new toys! See how brave and strong we are! We can carry pom-poms and catch a mouse or fish!

BooBoo's little girl is growing up fast

Had a visit from Mike and his gorgeous family yesterday. They managed to capture these beautiful photos of one of BooBoo's kittens. They are on the move so tend just to be blurs now! Lol
Think may she was posing for them! Lol I think she may have choosen them!

Little update.

He is such a mummy's boy! A real fatty boom boom! Not surprising as he feeds constantly!
He is a bit camera shy! So not fab photos! Sorry! However I Thought  I would share our Saturday morning cuddles in my bed!