Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Did you Know?

Something to bear in mind when we have all had lovely Chritsmas gifts or might think of giving as a present to a friend with cats. They may smell nice to us but they are life threatening to our furry friends!

Friday, 5 January 2018

Christmas updates on kittens from passed litters

Well we all like to catch up with family in the festive season, life is no different at TzKatz , several of my owners sent me lovely photos of their little darlings now growing into stunning cats . So I thought I would share some with you so you can see what my kittens grow into.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Even the little ones can grow into Giants!

Lovely example of what little kittens grow into! 
This is Theo and Harry as they were soon after they go home. Theo the seal Mitted was very small and caused me a lot of concern in his first 12 weeks in fact I actually delayed his home going because of his weight.
Well I am happy to say they have both grown into beautiful Giants 3 years on. In fact Theo weighs more than Harry now! 

Infact we are going to have something simular with a kitten from this year I think. The smallest kitten , nicknamed Ratapuss, from the litter of seven Candy had this year, he is already bigger than the brother he went home with.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

New homes

I have had photos from the people of the kittens went to their new homes last Sunday , they are both settling in well with their families.
It appears they have been well matched, Lyra has found herself a friend and partner in crime in William , who at four, I could see that there was going to be a special bond between them when he firsted visited us.

Mia was the least confident of the litter, but she is now settled with Nathan who lives on his own and working from home , having a mainly solitary life style . He has put in the effort and time , including evidently feeding her wet food from a spoon ! Now just over 24 hours later has her playing and cuddling up on the sofa with him!
In his words "I must say she's been absolutely trouble-free since she entered the house - a testament to the lifestyle in your house. There have been no accidents Mia knows and remembers where everything is, and she has relaxed into the home so much earlier than I expected. I also think your recommendation of Mia was absolutely perfect - we are the best match. :)  " 

Monday, 23 October 2017

Angel's little darlings

Angel's little girls are now nine weeks old and ready to look for their forever homes!  All beatiful seal Torties , two bicolourd with lovely big splodges of colour and two tabby points , looking as if they have been madly splattered painted , real cuties.

Darling KT

Thought I had better take some photos of my gorgeous KT , breed by my dear friend Denise Lang , she was my first real breeding queen ,  very naughty Tortie! Including a litter of very beautiful kittens from the local feral tomcat one year !
Sadly KT's has cancer for the second time so soon we will be saying Good Bye. So far she is doing ok apart from a large tumour and removing her own fur, but the vet assures me she is not in pain and as you can see she is still bright eyed ( and bushy tailed) for the moment.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Kittens Galore!

A little update on Candy and Stripes kittens they are now all down in the kitchen playing together , so careful treading is essential at present! Eating me out of house and home as  they should as they are growing fast
Some have parents but there are still a few looking for forever homes.

Ian with his little darlings
others in the Gang
Angel with a dirty face! Breakfast still all over it! Still even with  bed head hair as well , he's a darling!

Just saying Hello to the fish honest!

Friday, 21 July 2017

Lola's little Darlings visit the vet.

Well Lola's kittens all went for their final check and vaccinations last night! They were all their usual charming selves wowing everybody and having cuddles with the nursing and reception staff! Mr Joly was very please with them all Paris and Ziggy had put on nearly half a kilo in the 3 weeks since their last shoots! Amazingly Sirius had doubled in weight in that time going from the smallest to the heaviest! They passed health checks with flying colours and didn't even squeak when the vet put in that big needle for their micro chips.
They came home to roast chicken and are all excited about going to their new homes next weekend 
Possibly why Sirius has gained so much he likes to pinch his sister's chicken when he has finished his!

Monday, 10 July 2017

Sunday afternoon fun in the garden

Nothing better to do on a sunny Sunday afternoon than sit in the garden with prospective owners and watch the Ragdoll cats and kittens enjoy themselves. We had several visitors to Tzkatz either visiting or in Teddy Dumpling and Tabithas case collect to go home. So here are a few photos from the day
Tabithas using up energy with Ollie before the long journey to their new home.

Aunty Tilda decided they needed a good clean up!

Grandma Tinkz with daughter Lola and her babies enjoying cuddle time

Then TIlda and TeddyDumpling had their new home comming.
Very exhausting at 13 weeks old. So a nap is in order.