Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Max and Merlin discover out doors!

I had a lovely email from Tony and Kareen last night which I thought you would like to see the latest from their kittens who were from KT's litter last September so they are now 7 months old!

Having escaped out of both front and back doors several times our two now seem to think that they are outdoor cats and demand to go out now, with Merlin being especially vocal. They've been out in the garden but it never seems to be enough, although the promise of chicken soon brings them back inside. Merlin has also met next doors 16 year old tabby, who though she can barely walk, saw him off in an instant. Merlin has also had his first little mishap this weekend when he poked himself in the eye with something that scratched his cornea. Fortunately the antibiotic cream has cleared it up quickly and there were no secondary effects, but it had us worried for a while. True to breed type he just laid there while I opened his eye and put the cream in it. The final check with the dye this evening was funny as it ran from his eye out of his nose so when the vet turned on the UV light he had a luminous nose! Both of them are still growing of course (Merlin is now 4.5kg and Max 4.9kg) and they still seem to be getting heavier every day - especially when they jump on you first thing in the morning. I also thought I'd let you have a couple of photos to see how they are looking now. The light isn't that great in the house so having them outside in the sunshine yesterday was too good an opportunity to miss to get the camera out.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Update on Joy's kittens

After a worrying start all of Joy's kittens are thriving. The little girls opened their eye at 7 days! ( which is early ) however we are still waiting for the boys at 10 days!! They are all such big strong kittens, on the move around the box and feeding well, now it seems odd that this time last week I was concerned they might not even make it. Fingers crossed they will all keep up the good progress.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Missy's kittens are now 7 weeks old

Sleepy Red

My Daughter Naomi visited this weekend and took the opportunity to get to know the babies, she fell in love with the wonderful tortie girl

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Some updated Missy kitten photo's

The handsome Mitted Male

All together for nap before the fun starts again

The gorgeous Tulula


Missy's kittens are doing great they are causing havoc in the conservatory , where they are now . They have two speeds full or stop they are doing exactly what they should be Playing, eating , fighting, Sleeping , eating having fun!

Joy's kittens arrive!!!

Very Busy Week! In which Joy finally had her kittens Wednesday night! Very difficult birth poor thing. She was odd all day yesterday, at lunch time she actually took my hand in her mouth and lead me to the bottom of the stairs, we went to sit on the bed but as nothing appeared to be happening I went back to work. Whilst I was in the bath last night she stood up and grabbed my arm with her paw and when I put my hand out she again grabbed it in her mouth and tried pulling me out of the bath. Finally about to she woke me by sitting on me in bed and letting birthing fluid soak me. The Problem turned out to be that just a tail was protruding and disappearing again. As it was middle of the night I tried what the vet told me last time and popped my two fingers in and managed to manipulate it enough after several more painful pushes we managed to deliver a live kitten between us! But that really started her off on the wrong foot as it obviously really hurt her. 2 was not to bad but 3 didn't arrive until 4 ish and was the same way around and gave me a real scare as it was Blue when we got that one out but and cough and a sneeze after some firm rubbing and it was in the land of the living. But this time I needed the loo! but she wasn't going to be left and actually left the kittens to come with me which concerned me. Number 4 arrived about 5, so we both collapsed exhausted and she slept with her head on my pillow whilst the babies snuzzzled in . Again when I got up at 7 she insisted on visiting bathroom with me but ran between us every time the kittens squeaked so I have put her in a cage with them whilst I sort the rest out and do the bedlinen washing! Fingers crossed we get no pneumonia in the babies after their traumatic start. We are now on day 3 and they are all looking fat and round and appear to be feeding well.

Monday, 3 May 2010

First Solid Food!

All fun and games this end the babies are now very mischievous and exploring everywhere and everything is a toy! Other
excitement this week is that the little ones have started on solid food , liquidised roast chicken and rice. This may look good but I'm not sure were the most went in them on them or me as they tend to stand in the plate then clamber over me leaving a thin layer of gunk which sets solid!