Saturday, 30 November 2013

They are growing into fluffy bundles of love!

Who could resist these gorgeous cuties? Luckily I have spent the afternoon loving them. They all were so good when the vet came to give them their first injection, they passed the checks with flying colour!
Poor Joy still gets mobbed if she lays down long enough for the babies to get in for a feed, they are all weaned now but mummy's milk is so good!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Christmas is coming! Gift ideas to help Ragdoll Cats

If you are looking for Raggie Gifts for Christmas. Why not help a good Cause and have a look at the Ragdoll Rescue web site store. at
Store - Ragdoll Rescue

The Ragdoll Rescue provides a Rehoming Service with a network of willing volunteers situated all over the country ready to help. In recent years, we have been asked to help rehome a number of Ragdolls when people’s circumstances have changed and they are sadly no longer able to keep their cats.

They have had some fab cards made that are blank suitable for all occasions, also some lovely bed liners and their own wall calendar. I hope to do a fund raiser for them again at the beginning of next year which I am sure you will all come and support again like you did last time.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Lots of little darlings around the place!

Hi all, things have been busy here with 21 kittens about the house! Never again am I going to have 5 litters at the same time ! KT and Miaha's are starting to leave along with Angel's this week. Just one left to find a home for Gabriella Angel's stunning Blue Cream Tortie.

 All the kittens are down stairs now, KT's , Miaha's and Angel's have the run of the kitchen and conservatory along with Percious,  Coco and Zigi.
Dora and her four have the cat sitting room. Molly the seal point has found a family but the blue point girl and the 2 mitted boys are still waiting to find the right home for them

Joy and her brood of seven blue points have the utility room! they are making quite a mess of this and themselves as they are just starting to eat solids , which means they are also poohing not always in the right place at the moment! So thank goodness that it is a very washable floor and has a sink to give them a quick wash, as they are a bit of a handful for Joy to keep well groomed and controlled ! However, they are so cute and adorable running straight up to you when you enter the room so you can forgive them anything. It also has the advantage that they will be used to the noise of washing machines and tumble driers! They are not ready for new homes until Christmas Eve so have not been up for viewing as yet.

Please contact me if you feel you might be chosen by one of my kittens as their new family!