Sunday, 28 April 2013

Tinkz baby is Enormous!

Tinkz baby is so big just had to share a couple of photo's taken today , I am sure he is sucking his thumb!

Our First show- 27th March 2013 - Wood Green- Cambridge and Bedford cat club shows

Lola and I went to our first ever show yesterday. The girl did good at her first show! Lola got a third in her breed class. The cat in the next cats is one of Tyler and Joy's kitten, she got a 2nd in her miscellaneous class. So a good day was had by us all. Worth the 6 o'clock start. Thanks to Natasha , Janna and Sheila for coming along to support us.

Apart from Mimi  Mary had brought along the other Kitten she had from me, Pepe,( our name for him was Boris! ) he's doing very well in the shows he did Swanley a couple of weeks ago and got a first in his Breed class. He did me, Mary and himself proud , he got a 1st and 3rd in his breed classes and then a 2nd and another 3 x 3rds in the miscellaneous classes! He is Aslan and Nem's kitten, one of the only 3 kittens she will ever have, turned out good! Sheila who has Darcy Pepe's brother came along to the show and showed us photo's of her handsome boy who is enormous weighing in at 18Lbs and able to stand up and see what in on the kitchen sides! They are not a year until July!

So I am now the breeder of show winning cats!
I am now thinking of taking Angel to the show at Wood Green in May to see what they think of her!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

They grow so fast! Tinks baby is a week old and the others are coming up 3!

Tinkz's baby weighed in at 189 g this morning and it's only  a week old until today!

Happy families!

Flossy's little one is a girl! She is going to be the spit of her mother and is now doing fantastically. As I always need one to worry about Tiggy has a little one, snuffles, who has a  an upper respiratory infection who needs extra feeds ( including through the night) as he can't suck with a blocked nose as he has to breath through his mouth mainly. We have visited the vets twice in the last week and he is now on antibiotics! However, he has put on a little weight over the weekend , but this morning he seems to have gone down hill again which is very disappointing but you know me, I will keep trying despite sleepless nights to give him every chance of pulling through. 

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

16.4.13 Tinkz's baby arrives!

Tinkz's baby ( yep slight disappointment she only had a single kitten this year, but Darwin , the stud, is getting on Bless him!) He may looked tiny but he weighed in at 122g!
All the little darlings are doing well and growing up fast.

She may not be Flossy's kittens birth mum but she has accepted it as her own so that has got to deserve a kiss, so sweet!

They are all starting to open their eyes and to explore  the basket ! One even managed to fall out of the basket today and was staggering around the cage when I went in to see them late morning!

When you are eating as well as they are, even Flossy's kitten is weighing in at 250g ( the rest are about 30g heavier), you need your sleep to grow, and what better way to do it but in a huddle cuddle!

Monday, 8 April 2013

Monday 8th April and all's well

It' s been touch and go for Flossy's little one since his birth, it lost some much weight but yesterday morning he got up to birth weight and decided that it would feed well from both Mum's as well asthe supplement   feeds a good sign that his strength is growing, that and the fact when I weighed him before his feed ,he weighed more than the time before. He weighed in at 129gms this morning so fingers crossed we are moving in the right direction and the night Broken  nights I've had to feed him are paying off.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

New babies, have arrived!

Poor Flossy had to have an emergency c-section on Tueday. Produced a single male kitten, who despite being poorly has made it through it's first night , with feeds from me, and has actually tried feeding from Flossy. Very early to say anything but fingers and toes crossed! However, today the news isn't so good! Flossy is ok but her little one isn't doing so well, it rallied yesterday and was feeding from her well, but hasn't fed much during the night and didn't want made up milk really at last two night feeds, so I am not too hope full 
Tiggy's News

Tiggy went into labour at 1pm this morning,  then the fun started as she really wanted to be in the same box as Flossy, so a box had to be placed close enough so they could touch, there were 3 at 3pm! I think we have more to come but Tiggy had produced 3 big squeaky babies quite naturally! Thank goodness. By four forty another 2 had arrived. After many attemps to keep them apart I had to give in, so as the girls were desperate to be in together I have put them all in one cage ( with door open, of course) I put in the big dog bed and they are all in together, so at least little flossy's one will be warm and comfortable and might even perk up and feed. 

Flossy's kitten has the Blue heart on it's head as you can see it is about the same size as the new born kittens  as it wasn't due until at least tomorrow!