Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Kitten news!!! babies ready to go to new forever homes

Emmy- is a stunning seal mitted girl who is very much in charge of everyone, she has me wound around her tiny paw! She is very much Queen of the castle!

Sox- is a high white blue male with  fabulous long socks and triangular face markings. he is full of fun and mischief, and demands attention!

 Bob- is adorable blue mitted male, who loves to cuddle and play in equal measures

Star-a blue mitted  male, likes nothing better than to come for a quiet snuggle

Hector- (centre between Bob and Emmy) is a Seal mitted Male, may be small but he just melts your heart with his looks, he has a wonderful charcter , watching from the sidelines , but loving one to one attention.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Good Bye to My Precious

Sadly, I have had to make the hardest decisions of all to end my darling Precious' time in this world, she was  just over 11 years old , but on Friday she was showing signs of neurological problems and not able to walk properly. When I took her to the vet ,they thought she may have eaten some mouse pellets.They kept her in to put her on a drip, however she still showed no improvement today, and her blood test results were very puzzling with several unusual  levels off the scale. Causing Chronic Kidney Failure , Despite Mr Joely at Amical Vets best efforts it was decided it was the kindest and most loving thing to be done for her. She was a very special girl and will be missed by those she was friends with!

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Need to Re-home some of my adult cats

Sadly due to an imminent change in circumstances I need to reduce the number of my cats . So it is with great regret and much heart wrenching sadness I am looking for permanent loving homes for the following of my furry babies. They will all be neutered, with up to date vaccinations flea and worm treatments.

Is a  striking red point, female born 17.4.10 so just 4 years old. Very loving girl who would be happy to be homes on her own.

Is not yet 3  a seal tabby point  female. born  18.10.11. Who wouldn't stay still while I tried to take photos as all she wanted was love , strokes and cuddles! Full of fun and love, happy to be homes alone or with other cats.

 A seal tabby Tiggy's son who is a big softy. He is the boy who I hand reared last year so laid back and loving. Born 4.4.2013. I was going to keep him as a stud but he would much rather be a house cat with adoring human company and is not much interested in girls, however I do think he may have a litter of kitten due to Angel in the near future.

I have already found homes for smudgekin is is going to live with her only daughter Alice in Stowmarket and Tyler is retiring to live locally with a family friend who adores him. I will be so sad to see them go as they are my adored furry babies and much loved pets, but I have to reduce my numbers so have no other option but to part with them.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

End of an Era

The last of the 2013 kittens left home yesterday with their new families they were headed in different directions Marvin to East Sussex and Boris and Barnaby  to Yorkshire . 

It is the end of an era as they were the last litter for Joy, she is retired ,on Monday she is being spayed and then she will being going to live in Stratford- upon- Avon with her son Chester from this litter