Thursday, 29 July 2010

Quart in a pint pot

Just had to share this picture with you all, it's Joy's suberb boy! Now 10 weeks old and getting really big. Talk about a ' Quart in a pint pot!' He was actually asleep in the wooden bowl when I first saw him, but of course by the time I had the camera on him he had woken up. He's not found his new family yet so please get in touch if you want to pop in and meet him. Be warned though you will fall in love with him!!!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Cheap ragdoll Kittens!!! Please think before you buy!!

I'm going to have a little rant or plea from the heart now! I meet a lady yesterday, who had previously spoken to me about a ragdoll kitten but said she was unable to afford my prices. She was so pleased with herself as she had brought a Ragdoll kitten for £225 ! She had the kitten with her in the craft shop she was working in! It looked a cute little thing, my first instinct was to ask it's age because it was so tiny, she told me she had collected it last Friday and it is supposedly 8 weeks!!! Far to young to be away from it's mother, it appeared much smaller than Joy's kittens which are the same age and on the thin side for my liking! My question is that how did she think she had a bargain?! When she now has to pay for the vaccinations at least 2 lots of worming , flea treatment and another 6 weeks worth of food which was going to cost £150+. Also you are setting your self up for vet visits when they are taken away from parents so young! Without the four weeks free insurance cover which comes with most pedigree kittens in most cases!What decent breeder would allow this, the answer is none if they cared about the welfare of their cats, this breeder is only in it for the money and will have made far more profit than any registered breeder this way. On top of that because she has no papers, her cat is not registered with the GCCF or another approved body, she can't be absolutely sure that she has a pedigree Ragdoll, even if you've seen both parents that is not to say one or both of them haven't got local Moggie parents! You've also not idea how closely related the parents are they could be Mother and Son, brother and sister leading to the chances of all sorts of problems!! So please , please think about it before you part with your money!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Sookie starts to settle in to her new home with Mr Darcy

On Thursday, something quite funny happened! Darcy had gone into the garden and Sookie was sleeping, so I went out with him. Sookie woke up and was most put out to be left inside, so started miaowing and scratching very loudly at the door, but still half asleep with her eyes closed. I opened the door a little bit and Darcy went straight up to her whilst she still had her eyes closed (in the middle of an indignant miaow) and 'kissed' her nose! That seemed to be the ice breaker, and now each morning they have a mad half hour where they chase each other across the house like a Benny Hill sketch! Sookie also followed Darcy out into the cat run, so that is their new 'hang out' area. I figure that if they are happy enough to be in the cat run tunnel together they must be getting fairly comfortable with each other.

Darcy has still been a bit jumpy and everytime he got close enought to touch her, he'd then get scared and run off, but today he appears to be have got a bit braver... he's obsessed with Sookie's tail and has been trying to catch it for the last half hour and Sookie has just rolled over and let him (until the point where he decides to munch it!).

The other thing that we've found amusing is that Sookie has rejected her Pro Plan and instead periodically grazes at Darcy's dry food bowl in full view of him, then climbs into his litter tray... Darcy seems to have accepted this however, and returns the favour by finishing off her wet food as soon as he's finished his.

These Cuties are ready for Viewing now!!!

Joy has done herself and us proud with her chocolate box 4 kittens! They are about to go on sale as they are ready now for viewing, so I thought before I opened it up to everyone I'd give you all first view of them. They are now 7 weeks old and so cute!

Dora's babies make their debut

Here are the first pictures of Dora's enormous babies they are only 3 days old today!!!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Two cuties back on Sale ready to go to new homes now!!!

Due to a change in buyers circumstances I have a pair of Superb 14 week old cuties For sale at £400 each or £700 for the pair to loving forever homes.Zizi a Blue Tortie Girl and Ziggy a Blue Mitted boy. Registered Breeder . All cats and Kittens GCCF registered Pedigree. Parents and relatives can all be seen. All home reared, socialised and happy with children. Wormed and fully Vaccinated, litter trained and microchipped. Come with kitten pack, four weeks free insurance and follow up support. Ready Now, Please contact if you wish to visit and fall in love. . Phone Tanya ~ 01354 680038 /07974136642

Dora's Kittens

We are proud to announce the arrival of 3 more little darlings! Dora gave birth to what appear to be 1 girl and 2 boys at lunchtime yesterday, !st of July. In my Wardrobe bottom draw , her place , the only Cat who is actually allowed to have and keep her kittens in the marital bedroom. Guess why! Because she Derek's little Girl! Pictures to follow soon.