Monday, 21 February 2011

All settled in!

As you can see Tinkz has made herself very at home ! She has definatly won everybody over! I caught her mid yawn having just woken them in the 2nd photo which is why she looks so odd! But it was a great photo of Aslan our other new addition , I would like to introduce Aslan,evidently means lion in Turkish! He is the Cream mitted (and going to join Tyler as our other stud ). Aslan is in the first two photo's with Tinkz and Coco he's gorgeous and will be a very handsome big boy. He is as large as Tinkz but is 5 weeks younger!

More updated kitten photo's

I thought you might like to see a few

photo's of Mia's two blue point kittens, that I managed to capture this weekend not easy as dispite being small they arre now moving fast!!!!!

Friday, 18 February 2011

Sorry I've not updated anything for ages!!

Sorry to have abandoned you all for ages. Life has been hectic as ever and I haven't been well for several weeks! So really haven't had the time or energy to update you all.

Tyler has had his first litter of the year to my dear friend Emma's girl Mia, the photo's were taken a couple of weeks ago. But I'll take some new ones this weekend and pop on. As they are all staying with me while Emma is in New Zealand!

I have also just received my new stud, Aslan- in case you don't know it means Lion in Turkish! who is aabsolutly gorgeous a cream mitted boy only little now but is going to be a big handsome lad very soon! I will get some photo's of him for you all to see as well at the weekend.