Friday, 28 October 2011

In Memory of a very Special Little Boy! 30.10.11 ~ 28.11.11

I am sad to report that Tiny Tim ( TT) passed away this afternoon. He had appeared to be getting so much better when he took a turn for the worse this morning. We are all devastated this evening at his passing , in his short life he had really got into our hearts , which his cuteness and determination. I have to share with you the gorgeous photo's we took Wednesday when he appeared back to his bouncy self.

Monday, 24 October 2011

He was doing so well!

Sadly I have to report that despite doing so well until last Friday TT ( Tiny Tim) has a chest infection that has now turned to phenomena, He is a very poorly boy but is still fighting so fingers crossed that he can pull through.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Every body has a home to go to

Just to say a big thank you for the response are had yesterday to homing of Cadbury and Caramel after they became available again . You will be pleased to know that they are going together to some dear friends of ours , a great family home with one very excited 10 year old who with adore them both. I thought I'd share a few photo's as well of Henry who captivates every bodies hearts a real star of the show I think you'll agree?

Monday, 10 October 2011


WE are all doing well this end on Friday at a week old Tiny Tim Weighed in at 103gms ! Which is absolutely brilliant, especially as I haven't been supplement his feeds since last Tuesday! To put it into perspective Sopretty had her Kitten ( yes only one again!) in the early hours of Friday Morning and it weighed in at 102gms! You can see the difference in his size when you look at him now against Missy's foot and at 3 days!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Missy Update

There is good news and bad news! Little Tiny is still fighting and weighed in at 63g this morning, you can see how small he is when you compair him to Missy. So fingers crossed he keeps going well, early days yet I know but he's even more important to me now I know that he will be Missy's last. Poor Missy had to have her womb removed today as it was strangulated , having twisted around it's self so there was no way the others could have got out , which is why the Oxitocine didn't work. She has come through the operation I have to collect them both at 2.30.

KT kitten Update

All the babies are big , beautiful and full of mischeif! Here are some photo's I caught this morning of Cadbury ( Seal ) , Henry ( Tabby) and Caramel (Tortie) having fun playing !

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Missy ! No sleep last night!

Missy had a very tiny kitten last night , only weighed 56g!! Early, but it has some fight as it weighs 60g this evening and is still with us! I spent the whole night up with her expecting some more but no show. So it was off to the vets this morning for a scan. sadly although there appears to be another couple in there there were no signs of life so she has had some injections to hope fully enable her to pass them with out having to open her up! It's at times like these when your exhausted you wonder why you put them and you through such heartache ! So please think positive thoughts for tiny one to have the strenght to keep going and Missy to go through the next few hours successfully. Looks as if I'll be up all night again tonight.