Thursday, 23 April 2009

Kittens at play

After and even during lunch, some little ones can't resist popping off for a quick play while some including Little Tortie carry on with the serious business of eating!

All kittens are fully socialised !!!

All the kittens are used to people and children! This is my son with two friends showing six off the cuties as two others have a quick catnap on a lap. They all enjoyed a fun romp using the kids as climbing units and joined in playing happily with the toys the children chose to amused them with. A great time was had by all!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Introducing Dora!

Thought you might like to see a few other of our girls. This is Dora who was born last September she is KT's kitten but her dad in Guy who sired both sets of new babies.

VET visit - Tuesday 14th April

Little Missy had her final check up with the vet today. Who announced her fit , health and a real cutie! All of which I already knew but it was great to get the professional confirmation. She celebrated by returning home boisterously play fighting with everybody, then being first to start and last to leave ( waddled away might be more appt!) from a big plate of home-cooked chicken breast and rice!

Monday, 13 April 2009

A few photo's

Missy is the Matriarch she cleans Joy and all kittens and sees off any other cats who dare even look through the windows at them!
Joy is the mothering type, see is constantly feeding any kitten that approaches her. She comes running to the aid of any that cry. Any stragglers will be dragged back to the bed.

One of the ginger twins looking cute!

One of Joy's Blue kittens playing with a feather tailed mouse!

The other of Joy's blue points poses!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

First Feed Easter Sunday

Today the babies had their first taste of solid food! It was very messy! The first in was the little Tortie girl who actually ended up standing in the middle of the saucer at one point eating away! Quickly followed by the Ginger twins who also got the hang of food at first attempt, the others weren’t so keen but once they have to be given a taste they get the idea.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The kittens start to play

We decided to move the kittens down stairs into the conservatory as they are now difficult to contain! So I was concerned that they might fall down the stairs if not. As we moved the cage we popped them on the bed and got some nice shots. Including this video.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

I'm cute!!

Here's the darling blue on her back, they are now well into playing with each other although their hand eye coordination is still not good so them miss each other more than they make contact!

Look at all the beautiful colours we have!

Day 22 ! Their eyes are all now showing a beautiful blue and their markings are starting to really show their colours. 2 beautiful Red boys are easy to see as is my gorgeous Tortie girl. We've a mitted Blue and 2 blue point. Then What look as if they are going to be seals. One is a bi-colour who is a real character always first to the cage door and demanding a cuddle and the other a fluffy cutie!

Sleeping off a feed!

Have had a little set back! Little Tortie was unwell. She hadn’t been feeding and was very floppy and hot. So it was a trip to the vets. She was given fluids and antibiotics and it was touch and go. She had gone from 323gm to 279grm! I was feeding for three days and nights every 3 hours but it paid off. Woke up yesterday morning and she weighed more than she had after her 2.30am feed, so she must be feeding again. Keep checking her each time she would have been fed through out the day each time she was a few grams more and was more perky and back to her cute self ! By 7am this morning she was 304gm! Here she is having a little sleep with a full tummy

All in together Day 12

I moved the girls cages, in to same room next to each Left the cages open when cleaning, left the room and came back to this! Luckily they all have some colour now so I can tell them apart! All Missy's are either Mitted or Red or Tortie whereas Joy's have no mittens! I decided the best thing to do was separate them at night, but during the day I put the two baskets facing each other together out of the cages on the floor so the kittens and mums can move between them without risking any injuries!

Glamour Puss Missy and her babies at 6 days

Proud Mum with her healthy and beautiful babies!

Day 6 so much bigger!

A breeder friend popped in today, thought Missy's looked so big and healthy but her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw Joy's as the are even bigger!

Day 2

Everybodies is doing well and settled into there individual cages. Joy has kept her adopted baby as they are all happy with the arrangement!

Missy with her kittens day 2

Day 2 with Joy and her kittens plus 1 !!

Our 8 New Kittens

At 10.30pm on Thursday the 12th of March, both Missy and Joy gave birth simulations to 8 babies! They should have been several days apart but they had different idea! They actually wanted to be in the same basket to do it! I managed to separate them as long as they were within licking distance! Missy had 5 and Joy 3 although as Missy’s last baby, a cute little red boy, was screaming and wouldn’t even with help suckle Joy removed it and it immediately he found a nipple and settled in with its chosen mother.

8 New kittens arrive !!