Sunday, 23 October 2016

Babies in their new homes!

Jasper is living in ELy with poppy
Amber and poppy live together in Stevenage!

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Kitten update! Few photos

Candy's little darlings are getting bigger by the day ! Two lovely cream boys and possible a girl, a blue point girl and a blue cream Tortie girl!
Boo boo and Tinkz babies leave within the next couple of weeks but are adorable but eating me out of house and home!

Poppy and jasper are going 
 pulls one of his I'm fabulous looks!

Little Daisy now grown in to a beautiful young lady!

Daisy was the smallest of Stripes kittens born in April this year , she has grown up to be a fabulous young lady.I receive these photos and message from Andrea yesterday!

Daisy has turned into quite a pudding. I am a little worried she might be (dare I say it?) FAT! I really dont think you will recognise that "delicate little flower"!
She is lovely though, she has a lovely life. She loves to play outside, has a great way to climb trees - not so great at getting down again. She collects toys from all over the place, regularly raids the bin in my sewing room to find some treasure that she will carry around all day. I have had to keep the door closed though as she likes to take pins!