Saturday, 31 May 2014

Need to Re-home some of my adult cats

Sadly due to an imminent change in circumstances I need to reduce the number of my cats . So it is with great regret and much heart wrenching sadness I am looking for permanent loving homes for the following of my furry babies. They will all be neutered, with up to date vaccinations flea and worm treatments.

Is a  striking red point, female born 17.4.10 so just 4 years old. Very loving girl who would be happy to be homes on her own.

Is not yet 3  a seal tabby point  female. born  18.10.11. Who wouldn't stay still while I tried to take photos as all she wanted was love , strokes and cuddles! Full of fun and love, happy to be homes alone or with other cats.

 A seal tabby Tiggy's son who is a big softy. He is the boy who I hand reared last year so laid back and loving. Born 4.4.2013. I was going to keep him as a stud but he would much rather be a house cat with adoring human company and is not much interested in girls, however I do think he may have a litter of kitten due to Angel in the near future.

I have already found homes for smudgekin is is going to live with her only daughter Alice in Stowmarket and Tyler is retiring to live locally with a family friend who adores him. I will be so sad to see them go as they are my adored furry babies and much loved pets, but I have to reduce my numbers so have no other option but to part with them.