Sunday, 26 July 2015

We have elephants in the house!

Angel's darlings are growing up fast, now 9weeks old , have had their first injections and past their first visit to the vets with flying colours. They wowed everyone in the waiting room and had May cuddles with the staff! No where in the house is now out of bounds as far as they are concerned as that rampage through the house like asmall herd of elephants! How can something so small make so much noise when they run about! They have now meet all the other females in the house hold and we even had a short venture out on to the patio in the sun.
They are now ready to meet their future parents . This process is very important to me , so I of course will ensure my  kittens  go to the right homes to enable them to have a happy, fulfilled and stimulating life as possible, to be loved and cherished as much as they have been here. A tremendous amount of time, effort , heartache and devotion has been poured into these precious little bundles and therefore I would like all prospective new owners to ensure they can commit to continuing this path. 

Little adventure onto the patio , safe on Tim's lap!

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Getting bigger, enjoying solids and making new friends

Well Angel's little darlings are all growing up, not yet fluffy cuties but very sweet. They are playing, scrapping and exploring, Zippy is the most adventurous closely followed by the little girl! They have had  some visitors to start the all important socialisation !
Breakfast is very important especially if you've a lot of growing to do!
First to learn how to climb over the door barrier!
Making friends, with Adam my new neighbours son!
Sometimes there is just nothing for it you just have to get in there!
Then you need a good clean up!
Next is the all important after food snooze!

Angels little cherubs

I an glad to say all the little darlings are doing well. Including the little foster kitten ! It is easy to spot! Black and white one! Popped into my vets on Friday 22nd may and they had a tiny new born kitten , which had been found on the street and handed into the police, then on to them . So one of the vet nurses was feeding it, I suggested when Angel had given birth it was worth a try to see if she would accept Zippy, delighted to say that she has taken to it as one of her own as these photos show.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

New Home and New Beginnings!

Well, I would love to say that my first night in the new house was an uneventful one! However Angel decided that she had held on long enough and so I was up most of the night as birthing partner. I am proud to announce that despite all being breach we have 3 new additions! Fingers crossed they are all little fighters.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Humphrey and Godfrey!

This week I have had a few photos from Liz in Leicester of the kittens she had last year and i just had to share with you as they are growing into such handsome boys! Although i think the first one required thought bubbles as Godfrey looks very cross ( if looks could kill!) and Humphrey looks very perturbed!


Monday, 16 March 2015

Some photos of last years babies at their new homes!

Life this end has been difficult as you all know and i am sure understand the heartbreak of the end of my marriage has meant that i have had to re-home several of my adult cats , despite them all going to live with lovely people with whom they are very happy if has been very hard for me. that coupled with general sadness and the roller-coaster ride of separation, selling and buying of homes has been my reason for not blogging for sometime. 

Well things are about to change with the start of a new life and new me! so i now intend to get back to blogging at least once a week to keep you updated on my darlings, their babies and and up coming announcement!

so my first blog is going to be a quick update in photo form of some of last years little darlings in their new homes.

Theo and Harry

Emmy and Star