Friday, 24 September 2010

Advert for Ragdoll cats and Kittens by IKEA!!!

I must be the last person in the universe to see the new IKEA advert! Well finally managed to see it on You tube! if you are someone who has not seen it , It's a fabulous advert for Ragdolls with gorgeous adults and cute kittens. If like me that wasn't enough please also view the "making of" video where you'll see more superb Ragdolls! .
I think you'll love it even if you aren't into IKEA furniture, which I have to say I'm also a big fan of!!!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Milo is 1 !! TO YOU

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL THE SEPTEMBER KITTENS KT'S 2008 (Hendrix, Charlie Alfie & Dora )& 2009 ( Max, Merlin & Milo) AND DORA'S 2009 ( Sky , Saphire, Monty & Pippin) LITTERS

I have just had in some photo's from Linda who had Milo one of KT's kitten's from last year. "Just thought I would share some pictures that I have taken throughout Milo's first year. He is a lovely, lively chap and very, very big!
Best wishes
Linda, Andrew and Milo "

Monday, 13 September 2010

Dora's Brother Charlie

Haven't these boy's turn out to be so handsome? They are from KT's first set of Kittens, now just 2 years old so not fully grown but like Hendrix ( you can probably see the likeness between Dora other brother from that litter) they are superb Ragdolls . Charlie and Archie are the much loved babies of Kirtsy and Stuart. Who we have to thank for these wonderful photo's

Dora's Brother Archie a handsome mitted Blue

Last of Dora's kittens

There are only two kittens left of my litters, they are two handsome boys left. One is a Blue point and the other is a mitted Blue . They are both solid and good size. They have had there final injections today and the Vet checked them over an pronouced them superb! They will be ready to go to premenant loving homes next week. So if you are interested please contract me.

Presenting SoPretty

I would like to introduce"SoPretty" she is our beautiful new red girl , only 23 weeks old at present , she is superb and very big already and I am sure she will at a later date produce some wonderful kittens. I have to thank Tateyna Cook for allowing her to come and join our family.