Thursday, 25 June 2009

Maisie in her new home

Just thought I would update you some photos that Lisa sent today of Maisie . They came with this message "The cat you see her with is Charlie, her best friend at the minute (3/4 ragdoll) Thankfully he is very gentle with her because as you will see in the first picture there is a big difference between the two of them LOL"

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

You Tubed Kittens! Neko and Zena

Hello Big Boy!!!!

Thought you would all like to see my new stud Darkcrystal Tyler , we had him since Saturday but he's been too shy to have his picture taken until today. He's a handsome lad I think you will all agree and we look forward to having some fabulous kittens from him in the very near future.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Big Thank you

Last night we had the honor of visiting two homes that have been taken over by our kittens. We visited first Zena and Neko are being loved by Debz and Jade's , now Jade has her new camera I hope we will have photo’s and videos of them soon.

Then we went to see Elphaba who is being doted on by Sarah and Rob, even when she wouldn’t perform in front of an audience, the fact that she too has taken on her mothers habit of retrieving items!

Big thank you to both families for allowing us to visit them, and see our babies so happy with their new parents.

Bella and George are accepted.

Willow took a little time to come around to having the two new additions to the household but has now decided they are acceptable as long as George has a good wash behind his ears! Bella obviously agrees with this!

Friday, 19 June 2009

Harley has settled in well with Taz and Alfie

Harley travelled all the way to the Wirral with his new mum Emma. " Harley got to his new homesafe, he behaved well and slept right through the car ride home and has settled in to his new home very well, he is running around and playing with Alfie our other Ragdoll. He has eaten and is fast asleep on my shoulder.... Thank you so much for letting me have him , he's such an angel." Here are some photo's of him with his new playmates.

Going to thier new families

Bella and George with thier new parents Claire and Glyn

Zena and Neko with new owners Debz and Jade

Rob and Sarah proud parents of Elphaba the last baby to leave home.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Bungle goes to his new home

Well, Bungle the handsome Seal Boy went to his new home last night. Theo captured the moment of handover on his phone. They both look very happy!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Sorry not updated for a while

So sorry but life this end has been hectic. With kittens running havoc around the place and demanding feeding every time they see me enter the kitchen! My son is starting to complain about being feed kitten left overs! That is to say that I roast a couple of chickens each week and so we are having it regularly either hot or cold once I have removed the major part of both breasts for the kittens first!

They have all been for their final injections and vet check up which they again passed with flying colours. They have had there final worming and flea treatments ready for collection over the next few days. At this point I am kidding myself that I am not going to miss them, as I'm looking forward to coming down in the morning to find the conservatory as I left it, not looking as if some sort of whirlwind has wrecked the place. Also the fact that my legs will be safe when I'm preparing food and not being used as climbing frame even if my legs are bare! Ouch! However I know in reality I will miss the little darlings and the time I have spent petting and loving them.

Time to start all over again!