Tuesday, 27 September 2016

What a difference a week or two makes!

Well, thought you would all like a " see what a difference a week "makes up date! 
Candy's 5 little darlings are enormous at two weeks , one really objected to early morning photography , but look too cute as he hissed he had to be included! Her's are going to be creams and blues. Whilst
Stripe's sneaky 6 are doing brilliantly at a week old! Are going to be blue and seals which is why they are showing a bit more colour around their points already!

Proud Mummy Candy with her now Two week old babies! Now all have their eyes open

Even Stripes 6 are fattening up and looking cute! They were a week old on Saturday!

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Thank you!

I am very much enjoying seeing the updates on the Tzkatz FACEBOOK

group-it is great to see prince Caspian and Frank on it too- lovely seeing how Leo and Arya's brothers are doing!

I wanted to write to you to thank you so much for letting Leo and Arya become part of our lives. Silly- I know! They have been a joy from day one and I feel we are bonding more and more with them every day. They couldn't be more gorgeous, sweet, people loving cats- they really feel like part of our family. Everyone who has come to see them has fallen in love with them too- they are a real credit to how you brought them up! They run to greet me when i come home from work- it really puts a smile on your face! They can also purr for Britain- sounds like you have two motorboat engines going off most of the time!

If you ever need a testimony/ photos for your website/blog I am more than happy to help. We couldn't be happier that we found you and your wonderful cats! 😃

Thanks a million!

Claire x

Amber and poppy is settling in

Amber and poppy went to the new home yesterday. look how easily and well they settled in there , obviously loving where they are and being loved by their new family,which is all I ever want my kittens

Sunday, 18 September 2016

the end of an era!

I well this week has also been the end of an era!
Last Monday candy had five babies in the bottom of My washing basket, I couldn't believe it , how she could manage to do it in that little space and then all be happy and safe
By today they have grown into these nice fat little darlings , but it's an end of an era are as these are the last of Aslan's kittens. 

I had a neutered two days after he had obviously impregnated candy. He is now looking for a new home to  spend his retirement in as he's only five years old , this adorable cream mitted boy deserves a forever loving home . he would not be happy with other males but neutered females he would adore he is a lovely loving boy and got lots of Love to give . So if you think you can offer him a good home , with the support and encouragement that he may need. As having been a caged boy , he is going to need a little time and patience to adapt to living inside a home environment , but he will be worth it in the end. Please get in contact with me.
My very handsome Aslan.

Been very busy in my little house with kittens everywhere!

So sorry I have not posted for ages, but it has been full on with kittens, with new and prospective families visiting on top of the fun of looking after and watching the little darlings grown so I thought I would post a few pics for you to get an idea of the chaos here!
Some times we just look cute.
Occasional bottom washing is necessary!
Snuggle time with mum is important
If you manage to wrap yourself up in a fly pare a full wash is a must even if you are not happy about it!
Visit to the vets means lots of cuddles as well as a check up and your first vaccinations!
We need human cuddles too!