Sunday, 24 April 2016

Babies are three weeks tomorrow!

They are all growing well, eyes open and moving around the box. When I go into the room they are so cute they have started coming to the edge of the box!

Friday, 15 April 2016

If you want one of my cats or kittens.........

All prospective owners are interviewed by my cats! They can sense more than even I can if you are going to make a great home for my darlings! People sometimes try to hard or just can't be natural with them,

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Looking for a ragdoll please read! ...

Just a few rules to follow.
1) Ensure you never pay a deposit for a kitten that you have not seen, or may be is not even born. No reputable breeder will ask for a deposit to put you on a waiting list. Some may keep a waiting list others like myself request you recontact  when litters due or ready to be seen. We do understand that you may find another kitten prior to ours being ready
2) Expect to be interviewed regarding your suitability to be an owner of our precious kittens, we are in it for the love of the breed, we do not make much profit out of breeding if we do it right! We therefore want to ensure they go to the right homes. And may advise you on which kittens will suit your home as we see their characters.
3)You should never take a Ragdoll home before it is 12/13 weeks old , as per the GCCF a breeder rules! they are slow to develope and need that time ,they should have had at least two vet checks and all vaccination be wormed (and flea treated if necessary) 
4)They should be registered with a predigree governing body like the GCCF, this means you are getting a pedigree if not you are buying an expensive moggy! It my be of type but you can not be sure it is. If they say the parents aren't registered as breeding cats, this is because the breeder they brought it off didn't want or think it was suitable for breeding! It does cost for us to do this but not a prohibitive amount so that is never a valid excuse!
5) If you go to look at a kitten, you should be able to their siblings and mother, if they look unhealthy or you are unhappy in anyway with their situation do not pay a deposit, look again! Once a deposit is paid I  encourage people to visit and spend a time with their kitten before they take them home .

Monday, 11 April 2016

We have babies!

We are proud to announce that last Tuesday the 5 th of April . Stripes produced her first litter of kittens. All 5 are doing well! I will keep you posted with photos and updates.