Monday, 26 April 2010

Weeks old!

Well this was a funny sight went into see them and Missy was feeding all 7 in this small cat bed! A very tight squeeze! The blue kittens in the centre looks a bit odd because Missy decided he needed a bit of a lick just as I was trying to take the photo so his face is still damp and all over the place! As you can see they are all growing well and in fact little Titch now weighs the most! That's him on the outside of the bed.Tried to give them a dish of milk a couple of days ago only Titch almost got the hang of it sort of ! He did much sneezing as he tried to suckle it up! Then realised he could lap it however it appeared the only way he could do this was by lying in the plate and lapping around himself. VERY MESSY so I'll leave it a little while before I try that again! Sorry didn't have the camera to hand at the time to record it for you all!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Day 22- active little cuties!

Well , thought I had better let you see some more photo's, as they are growing up fast, they now look more like kittens than aliens , and are starting to play with each other. We have moved them into a bigger box from the bed as poor Missy couldn't lay down to feed them in it because there are so many of them. I'm now giving them all a little extra feed to help her out. So now as soon as they hear my voice there is a rush to try and climb out of the box to be first in the queue for the milk! They are all weighing between 320- 340gms so not far off the weight of her kittens last year at the same age. So so far so good!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Tea with Neko and Zena

Debz couldn't make our get together last Sunday and so kindly asked me for a cuppa whilst I was in Cambridge last Wednesday. I took masses of photo's but just had to share with you a few. They are both growing well and still have more to do!

Zena (Little Missy) Then and now !!

Those of you who have been with the blog from the start will remember Little Missy, Zena she was from Missy's last years little who fell ill at 3 weeks and it was all touch and go for a bit. Well I
went to visit her early in a week, she is gorgeous and really turned out to be a superb big ragdoll! The picture below is her at 3 weeks, a real cutie even then

Monday, 12 April 2010


My paperwork has just arrived from the GCCF ( Governing Council of Cat Fanciers) with my prefix- all my kittens registered names will now start with TZKATZ . Which should be read Tz Katz ( T's Cats) I'm so happy, not my first choice but so close I am not bothered!

We're two weeks old now

Missy's 7 are growing well and starting to explore around the bed, occassionally even falling out into the main cage although I'm not sure that is always intended! They are starting to show a bit of colour one definatly going to be a red and a few are showing mittens!

Look who came to Tea!

Elphie- Joy's 2009 kitten

George - Missy's Red point 2009

Bella- Missy's 2009 mitted Girl

We had an exciting afternoon yesterday, I had a tea party and get together which George and Bella, Missy's litter last year and Elphie Joy's litter last year all returned to visit. It was great to see them all back again and see what fabulous cats they are growing up to be. They were all a year on the 12th March 2010 so still got plenty more growing to do!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

We've Got our eyes open!

Well on Tuesday one had half an eye open now today two have their eyes completly open and two more have one eye open! The rest will follow soon!Thought you might like to see their size compaired to Theo's ( 13 year old ) hands.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Sunday - Day 8 We're all doing so well!

Well, here we are on Day 8 and everybody is doing so well. I have been giving Titch some supplementary feeds during the day and he's now nearly 150g so he's got a fighting chance now. Fatso is 180g and the rest are all around 170g! Poor Missy is constantly feeding and cleaning them all , but I managed to get a shot today while she was grabbing a bite to eat herself. Their colours are starting to show a bit more now.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Day 4- see how we grow!

Well we've all made it to day 4, Titch is still small but gaining weight little by little, he's made it to 105g today still 30g less than the rest but he's going in the right direction. so fingers crossed!