Thursday, 11 June 2009

Sorry not updated for a while

So sorry but life this end has been hectic. With kittens running havoc around the place and demanding feeding every time they see me enter the kitchen! My son is starting to complain about being feed kitten left overs! That is to say that I roast a couple of chickens each week and so we are having it regularly either hot or cold once I have removed the major part of both breasts for the kittens first!

They have all been for their final injections and vet check up which they again passed with flying colours. They have had there final worming and flea treatments ready for collection over the next few days. At this point I am kidding myself that I am not going to miss them, as I'm looking forward to coming down in the morning to find the conservatory as I left it, not looking as if some sort of whirlwind has wrecked the place. Also the fact that my legs will be safe when I'm preparing food and not being used as climbing frame even if my legs are bare! Ouch! However I know in reality I will miss the little darlings and the time I have spent petting and loving them.

Time to start all over again!

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