Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Updates on Kittens- Sookie

Just thought I'd give you a quick update since it's been a little while. Sookie has settled in really well and seems to be growing at quite a rate now, it's strange to think that it was only a couple of months ago she practically fit into one hand! It seems that anywhere in the house is fair game for Sookie to flop down for a nap whether this is our coffee table (which she only sleeps on when she thinks we can't see!), on the dining room chairs, or stretched out in her cat bed. I think it's done Mr Darcy the world of good to have some company. They chase each other all over the house and garden and there are plenty of playfights, which I think is keeping them both well excercised! Mr Darcy has also mastered the cat flap now with Sookie's help. We've even allowed them free reign of the house at night time now because they are so well behaved (other than the odd playfight on our bed at 3am!). Anyway here are some recent pictures. All the best, Laura and Neil

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