Thursday, 7 October 2010

Archie and Tallulah

I received the email below and couldn't resist asking if I could pop in and see them last Monday, Sharon kindly agreed , It was brilliant to have a cuppa and catch up with the kittens and meet Polly her gorgeous Seal Ragdoll.
"You were so right about Archie being a big boy, he is going to be huge, but he is by far the most fussy of the two. He loves to cuddle down at night on the bed and has such as loud purr, Tallulah will always be found not far away but is much more mischievious. They both love their food and if I didn't know any different I swear they were starved as kittens. Chicken is still the favourite and they quickly worked out where it is kept and everytime someone goes to the fridge they are behind you in a second.
They have been to the vets to be neutered and I expected them to be a bit groggy for a day or two but they were lively as crickets and chasing each other up and down the stairs the same eveing. The vet said not to feed them that evening but I had to give in as they were crying with hunger.
I'm so glad that we had the two of them together they are so funny to watch when they have their mad spells, but they do like to be with you all the time. They love to follow Russell out in the Garden and in the shed or garage and likewise when I'm there on my own they will happily follow me from room to room while doing the housework. Archie hated the hoover at first but he's slowly getting used to it. What is it with cats and changing beds, all 3 of them will appear from nowhere to hinder you!
I'm sure Missy would be very proud of her two beautiful babies"

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