Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Ragdoll Cat "Must Haves"!

I was looking at and saw a very good article that I thought I would share with any prospective owners. Every cat’s owner "Must have" list:
Scratching Post/tree – preferably big and heavy as Ragdolls do get very large in size and weight.
Feeding bowls – the best are ceramic or metal as it is very easy to keep them clean (without scratching the surface where bacteria could multiply). Always wash the bowl after every feeding.
Food – healthy diet is the most imprtant aspect of cat’s health. Make sure You are choosing Premium cat food (always read the label at the back of the pack) avoid supermarket foods as they contain very poor quality ingreedients. Bear in mind that Your cat is a carnivore and needs meat to survive, also avoid feeding dry kibbles only as this can lead to kidney problems.
Water bowls/fountains – fresh, drinking water must be accesible at all times, wash the bowl every day before filling with fresh water.
Litter tray – there’s a big choice of litter trays, some cats prefer hooded trays while others like to use classic open ones. Always ask breeder\previous owner which litter tray the cat is used to.
Litter – again a big choice, it is advisable to use the litter that cat is used to as radical changes may cause problems. If You want to change the litter always do it gradualy by mixing a cup of new litter with old one in the litter tray, slowly increasing amounts.
Grooming kit – the best choice would be a metal pin brush and metal comb. Soft brush is a good choice for kittens and cats with sensitive skin. Baby powder used regulary helps to keep the coat clean and prevents matting.
Toys – Ragdolls love to play with their toys a lot of them can play fetch. They love soft balls, lasers, and squeeky mice toys. Always check if the toy is safe for your cat (avoid plastic bags, foil ribbons and small parts).
Cat bed – Most cat owners let their cats sleep in their beds ☺ but if You prefer Your cat to sleep outside Your bedroom You must provide it a nice warm big sized cat bed or soft thick blanket.
By Roksana of Fairydolls

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