Saturday, 21 April 2012

Dora and Zizi Kittens

      Dora's Blue point girl

      Little cream girl still a bit soggy after her feed and Dora's clean up!

     Dora's kittens having a feed

           Zizi's kitten's are starting to play!

           Zizi's mitted boy


                   2 cream boys, cream Bluee Torti girl in front and mitted boy

            Zizi' mitted boy showing his big fat tummy!
Dora and Zizi 's kittens are now in together . They are all growing well except the little cream girl who is not very well at all. I thought we were going to lose her last night, but she is still fighting this morning. So I am doing everything possible to help her, feeding her and have her on antibiotics so fingers crossed she has the strenght to keep fighting.

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