Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Elphie's gone missing !

Starting to Panic Elphie still not home!!! I've been calling and calling and put out notes and roamed the street, but not seen her since late Saturday afternoon. Every time she's been out before she sticks close to home and comes running when I call. I can't bear it!! Bless him Derek ever searched the field last night! I've called Vets and RSPCA centre! What next? I have been out at 6 this morning roaming the streets shaking her biscuits! To no avail . Even been up into the signal mans office at the station to look down the line just in case. But still no sign of anyth
ing! Had a good sob but know that doesn't help anyone, So now have Called  all  the local vets , Cats Protection , council  and will visit Tara's rescue and RSPCA today! Feel so bloody hopeless. I know this is why they are house cats but she has not moved far from the house before but it only takes once folks! :( I am now off down the village with posters for anywhere that will put them up!

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