Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Things have been busy here!

Miaha has had her 5 kittens,on the 6th of September who may look like hamsters now but in a few weeks they will look as cute as the cover girls from our calendar , who was from her first litter

Nem's and  and Joy's Kittens are now 9 weeks old, all passed their first vet check and were little darlings during their vaccinations . All have homes which are getting excited to receive them in a months time.Boris

Nem, Boris and Beau

Joy's 5 are so identical that i have had to mark them with different coloured sharpies to ensure the right kitten getts to the right family!

Alice has gone to her new home with Rita and Bill, although she'll be back at the weekend for some bonding time with her soon to be sister Rosie from Joy's litter

Anyway must leave you now as  KT is at my feet insisting that we go to our bed as she is in labour! Fingers crossed for us as she is only having one very large kitten which is dangerous thing for both mum and baby.

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