Sunday, 6 October 2013

We've been busy again!

George and Blue are off to the same family who came to visit them this week Kirsty took so lovely photo which she has kindly said we can share.
I absolutely adore these they are of Em and her chosen partner George, as you can see they already love each other.

Their other kitten blue was far to busy for photo's but Kirsty managed to capture these of him.

Angel's cherubs are growing fast , they are now down stairs with the others and go for their first injections and vet check on Tuesday.

Joy had SEVEN ! Yes 7 kittens on the 26th September, all doing well and have started to open their eyes today.

Dora's Blue mitted boy has learnt to get out of the box today I couldn't resist a photo once I'd captured him! So won't be long before his brother ( also blue mitted) and his sister ( seal point and a Blue point ) will also be out and about! It time to start them on solids this week, a fun but messy business!

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