Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Kitten news!!! babies ready to go to new forever homes

Emmy- is a stunning seal mitted girl who is very much in charge of everyone, she has me wound around her tiny paw! She is very much Queen of the castle!

Sox- is a high white blue male with  fabulous long socks and triangular face markings. he is full of fun and mischief, and demands attention!

 Bob- is adorable blue mitted male, who loves to cuddle and play in equal measures

Star-a blue mitted  male, likes nothing better than to come for a quiet snuggle

Hector- (centre between Bob and Emmy) is a Seal mitted Male, may be small but he just melts your heart with his looks, he has a wonderful charcter , watching from the sidelines , but loving one to one attention.


  1. i have just come across to your blog, its look good, and i will love to see some more stuff here soon. Lost and found

  2. Hi, Who do we contact to adopt/purchase one of these babies? Thank you.