Sunday, 26 July 2015

We have elephants in the house!

Angel's darlings are growing up fast, now 9weeks old , have had their first injections and past their first visit to the vets with flying colours. They wowed everyone in the waiting room and had May cuddles with the staff! No where in the house is now out of bounds as far as they are concerned as that rampage through the house like asmall herd of elephants! How can something so small make so much noise when they run about! They have now meet all the other females in the house hold and we even had a short venture out on to the patio in the sun.
They are now ready to meet their future parents . This process is very important to me , so I of course will ensure my  kittens  go to the right homes to enable them to have a happy, fulfilled and stimulating life as possible, to be loved and cherished as much as they have been here. A tremendous amount of time, effort , heartache and devotion has been poured into these precious little bundles and therefore I would like all prospective new owners to ensure they can commit to continuing this path. 

Little adventure onto the patio , safe on Tim's lap!

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