Monday, 14 November 2016

News from new homes!

            It's amazing how much time having 2 cats and a toddler takes up! Phoenix settled in wonderfully. Enzo wasn't too keen on him for the first couple of days, and spent most of the time in a separate room to Phoenix, and would hiss whenever he saw him. Phoenix however, wasn't fussed by Enzo and was quite happy exploring and eating! On the 3rd day Enzo decided to venture into the same room and by the end of the week, they were cuddling up together on the sofa 😊 Enzo even gives Phoenix a wash most days haha. He is a cheeky kitten though, and has a tendency to nibble at toes if you have them out! But he is such a character that you can't be mad at him. I've attached a few photos for you to see how he's grown. He has a very healthy appetite for a little thing, but he has definitely filled out, and is very fluffy!

Izzy loves him. She plays with him all the time. Her favourite game at the moment is running around the house dragging a length of beads on a string behind her and Phoenix chasing it. Its so funny to watch! He is very laid back with her and lets her cuddle him. I think they will grow up as best friends. He weighs around 2.8kg x

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