Thursday, 18 March 2010


Just thought i'ld sent you a picture of myself Tiny x. ( by the way mummies thinking about changing our names, might be Katie, Lulu, Penny or Poppet!! As for my brother, he could be Bob, Sam, Tom or Twiz ( what do you think??) xx

Hi Tiny,
We all know that we humans give you names and you have your own cat names that are secert from us. But if Mummy wants to change your names that's fine by me and we all know that if you don't like it you'll ignore it !!! I once had a kitten that had a large patch on it's nose so it got called sploj , he obviously never liked it and totally ignored you when called by it as soon as we changed it to cfor ( as in c for cat) he used to come running when called! So good luck with the new names let us know which one you like best , Poppet and Twiz are the ones I probably would have chosen for you myself! But then what do I know!!! Tx

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