Sunday, 28 March 2010

They have arrived!!!!!!

Well what a day it's been! about 5 this morning Missy woke me yet again all restless having had a show yesterday afternoon. She later produced the first 2 kittens almost simultaneously with out a placenta in between, clean them up and number 3 arrived a little break, much pushing and a tail appeared , then disappeared repeated this a few times then a single foot ( not a good sign) But after a lot of effort and a squeal out popped number 4, Number 5 then arrived the right way around but a little distressed at the wait. We were all exhausted and she settled down to clean and feed them . so I moved her to the cage stripped my bed , where is insisted on having them in between my legs ( not pleasant, but she the most important one to be happy!). Put them all in the wash , Returned to find her pushing again , and to my surprise out came number 6! after settling them all I decided to go an have a cuppa with a friend and show them the photos. Just went in to take some more and check on everybody, couldn't believe my eyes had to count several times to confirm it there are 7 clean little ones feeding away!!!!!!!!!!! So fingers crossed now they can make it through hurdle number 2 the first week.

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