Thursday, 23 June 2011

Sad News!

Had some very sad news yesterday one of Dora's babies from last year , has been killed on the road, it was a fair distance from his home and his owner felt far enough to be safe, they live down a very quiet lane that only leads to the church! but unfortunately to Milo 's cost it was not.
this is the note I received from poor Jo.

"I am devastated to tell you that we lost Milo on the road early this morning. We are so upset. He went out very early and we think he crossed the busy road when it was v quiet... I have never seen them venture that way before.
Anyway, so sorry we didn't look after your baby properly.. :(
I am spending a lot of time with Monty to make sure he is ok, he is meowing a little bit around the house, so I guess he is calling for Milo.They used to play together out in the long grass and it’s heart-breaking to see him all alone. "

I am sure like me your thoughts go out to Jo, John , Harry and of course Monty ( who has lost his brother) who are all understandably heartbroken at the lost of their beloved Milo, Please be careful for your babies sake when and where they are roaming , as it may be further than you think and they are really to gorgeously daft and innocent that they can get themselves into all sorts of trouble some that can be fatal!

May I also point out if you have a multi cat household and you lose one for whatever reason, I have found it does help if you can allow the others to see and sniff the body, otherwise they can get very stress looking for their buddy not knowing what has happened to them.

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