Saturday, 7 July 2012


 I heard little meews from the Bathroom this morning  . Opened the door to find Nem , my blue mitted Tabby, who was not  looking very pregnant and I didn't think was due more than one kitten until next week .Had given birth to 4 little ones! Unfortunately one was on the bathroom floor and was a bit chilly. I feel so guilty as I am always there for them at the birth! However she had done so well, they were all spotlessly clean as was she!

 The one that I found out of the box this morning who was cold is still hanging in but not looking hopeful at this stage not much I can do but say a little prayer, cross my fingers and wait and see what's happened in the morning :( Hard but I have learnt that I won't do it any favours if I try to intervene at this stag and there is something wrong inside it just prolongs the agony with the same ultimate result.What will happen is what is meant to be, but the fact it appears to still be chilly and not too interested in feeding is not hopeful , although they all weigh between 92 and 95gms so not bad weights.

I will keep you all updated either way

Sunday 8th July pm.   Feeling Sad! Nem now only has 3 babies, who are doing really well but had to have one put to sleep because it had a clef pallet, Very sad but best thing we could do  for the poor darling, as it was unable to feed or be fed . It was the worse on our vet had seen in many years of practice and no way they could repair it.

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