Sunday, 15 July 2012

Update on my babies

Alice is now 5 1/2 weeks old and doing brilliantly with both eating ( although she does get it everywhere, hence the just washed face in the photo) and litter training ,no accidents for a while all in the litter tray. She is growing to a big strong girl weighing in at approx 550g! She is going to have a fab thick coat and be the spitting image of her Grandma , SoPretty. She is a typical only child slightly precocious always want to help! on this occasion she is ripping the bottom out of the dirty litter bag! but you can't be cross when she looks so cute!

Nem's little ones are so cute they are now 8 days old and doing well they will all be mitted either blue or blue tabbies. There colours are starting to show. Let's hope they are as beautiful as their Mum!

Joy is very pleased with herself, with just cause she has 5 beautiful blue point babies that are now 6 days old and feeding constantly

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  1. Little Alice is such a little darling. Going to be a lovely pretty girl when she grows up.