Monday, 28 March 2011

Handsome but Grumpy cat who needs new home!

I have had this email from the owner of 2 of my ragdoll kittens "We have been having problem with Otis over the past few months, his bevaviour has been getting worse, he is bullying the kittens, lashing out of Harrison and making everyone miserable.We are taking the hard and painful decision to look at having him re-homed as he is obviously very unhappy with both the kittens and also Harrison.He is a one person cat and likes to be alone. I thought I would ask you if you know anyone that would perhaps want to take on a miserable ogre of a cat?!! "

Otis is and enormous cat , he is defiantly a loner who likes his own company and to be outside or knapping on the sofa. He has defiantly been upset by the arrival of a baby and although he tolerated and even allowed them to knap with him he has now decided he should put the 7 month old kittens in thier place - preferably nowhere near him!!! He may just feel misunderstood where he is, although I can't promise that!!!!!!! But if you think you would like to home this big boy then please contact me and I will put you in touch with Jo his owner.

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