Wednesday, 23 March 2011


HELP! I need a permanent loving home for two full grown neutered Ragdolls, they must go together as they have never been apart. They are my Precious’s only set of kittens and have been living a life of luxury , unfortunately Charlie who owns them is relocating with her husband to Oman for 2-4 years and after much heart wrenching has decided it would be unfair on the pair to take them with them, as although they have pet passports, they do not recognize them over there so they would have to go into Quarantine for 6 months, which is not fair on the pair who are going to be 6 in September They are very big handsome lads and have been much pampered. They are very loving and lovable, up to date with all vaccinations and neutered,They come with all toys, litter trays etc. The only cost involved will be the fuel for me to collect from Cornwall , which according to the RAC calculater is approx £300!

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  1. Oakley and Levi are now happily settled in their new home with Natasha and Lewis, who are spoiling them rotten and giving them all the love they desire!