Friday, 25 March 2011

Watch out ! watch out! There's a fox about!

I have recently had one of my owner friends, Lisa, tell me an awful story that happened to Maisie one of my kittens , now 2 years old. They were all out in the garden of there town home one evening in September at about 6 o'clock, when Maisie who had been near a boarder let out a horrific scream, They rushed over to find a fox had her!! Luckily they managed to get her away from it, although her leg was damaged. This fox had been being feed by people and had got quite brave! When she asked around she discovered several cats in the vicinity had gone missing never to be seen again. Very Concerning and another good reason to keep your cats inside!! Maisie has recovered but it took some time as although it wasn't broken it was very bruised and battered. So she was limping for sometime but she had a very lucky escape.

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