Tuesday, 23 April 2013

They grow so fast! Tinks baby is a week old and the others are coming up 3!

Tinkz's baby weighed in at 189 g this morning and it's only  a week old until today!

Happy families!

Flossy's little one is a girl! She is going to be the spit of her mother and is now doing fantastically. As I always need one to worry about Tiggy has a little one, snuffles, who has a  an upper respiratory infection who needs extra feeds ( including through the night) as he can't suck with a blocked nose as he has to breath through his mouth mainly. We have visited the vets twice in the last week and he is now on antibiotics! However, he has put on a little weight over the weekend , but this morning he seems to have gone down hill again which is very disappointing but you know me, I will keep trying despite sleepless nights to give him every chance of pulling through. 

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