Wednesday, 17 April 2013

16.4.13 Tinkz's baby arrives!

Tinkz's baby ( yep slight disappointment she only had a single kitten this year, but Darwin , the stud, is getting on Bless him!) He may looked tiny but he weighed in at 122g!
All the little darlings are doing well and growing up fast.

She may not be Flossy's kittens birth mum but she has accepted it as her own so that has got to deserve a kiss, so sweet!

They are all starting to open their eyes and to explore  the basket ! One even managed to fall out of the basket today and was staggering around the cage when I went in to see them late morning!

When you are eating as well as they are, even Flossy's kitten is weighing in at 250g ( the rest are about 30g heavier), you need your sleep to grow, and what better way to do it but in a huddle cuddle!

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  1. They are all so cute. I like the one in the middle of the huddle with the markings above its eyes. congrats tinkz